Convert old film negatives to digital


You may be a great photographer and have more 70s photos which are negative. Here is a way to digitalize all your old negatives and share all the old photos in facebook and twitter.

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

The lomography Smartphone film scanner helps you to convert the old film negative to digital data. It is a brand new way to scan your 35mm stills and the perfect tool for analog photographers and retro-enthusiasts.

How it works?

All you need is to turn on the smartphone camera and place it over the scanner. The specialized android app takes color photos of the film. Dont worry, the film are not damaged at any cost. The quality of the digital photo depends on the quality of the smartphone camera. The app is compatible with both the iphone and android which makes it more easier.


What other’s are talking?

Uncrate – “Used to be scanning in film required either a flatbed scanner with a special compartment inside or a standalone scanner — neither of which were particularly cheap. Soon you’ll be able to do it with nothing but your phone and the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner”

CNET Asia – “We think this is a brilliant way of making film scanning more easily accessible. You only need your smartphone to be on your way to digitizing your childhood photos and other old memories captured before the days of digital cameras.”

Ubergizmo – “Talk about bridging the old and new schools of thought, where analogue photographers and retro-enthusiasts are able to jump aboard the digital bandwagon without missing a beat.”

Engadget – “The fine folks over at Lomography are at it again, but this time, they’re out for something more than just quirky. In fact, this may be useful for many more people than those obsessed with retrofied / distorted photography.”

Pocket-lint – “Lomography aims to bring analog into the new age by acting as a film scanner that can easily hook-up with a smartphone, allowing users to scan, edit, and print 35mm film.”

The scanner will be available for purchase from February 2013.

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