Lower the Screen Brightness than minimum


The Screen brightness influences both the Laptop battery and also the human eyes. So Doctors used to prescribe to lower the brightness in order to reduce head-ache. But you can reduce the screen brightness to a limit and cant lower than that. Here are some tricks to lower the brightness than the minimum.

The first step is to reduce the brightness to the minimum. To do so goto Control Panel->Power Options->Change Plan settings.


Now, your screen brightness will be to its minimum.

Go Beyond the minimum

Graphics Properties

Right Click the Desktop and select “Graphics Properties“. The Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel will appear. Select “Basic Mode” or “Advanced Mode”. Goto Display and select Color Enhancement.

Intel Control Panel

Lower the Brightness to as much you want.

Note: This option is present in selected models only.

Using Dimmer

Dimmer is an free and an portable application which reduces the screen brightness than the minimum. It can be downloaded here.


But dimmer doesn’t reduce the brightness of the task-bar. This is one of the big drawbacks of dimmer.

If you want to start  Dimmer everytime Windows starts, you can place its shortcut in the Startups folder situated at C:\Users\Yourname/AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs.


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