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May 1, 2017
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May 15, 2017

Configure Netflow for vDS

Netflow is a network protocol developed by Cisco for network monitoring. Netflow collects IP network traffic as it enters or exits an interface. It analyses the traffic and provides an clear picture of the traffic that flows in the interface.

Click HERE to know more about Netflow.

Configuring PRTG Server

PRTG Network Monitor has an Netflow collector which can be configured for the network analysis.

You can download and install PRTG Server from

Login to the PRTG Server using its IP Address

After you login click Devices -> All

Click Add Device.

Give a name and mention the IP of the vDS Port Group.

Now click Add Sensor.

Select NetFlow and in Sensor types, select IPFIX.

Give the portnumber and the timeout duration. That depends based on your requirements.

Sensor is now configured.

Enabling Netflow in vDS

You can configure Netflow only in Distributed Switch and it is not available in Standard Switch. To configure Netflow, login to vSphere WebClient and right click the vDS -> Distributed Port Group -> Manage Distributed Port Groups.

Enable Monitoring and click Next.

Select the Distributed Port Group for which Netflow has to be configured and click Next.

Select Enabled and click Next.

Click Finish to start the monitoring process.

Go to Manage -> Settings -> NetFlow -> Edit to edit the NetFlow configuration.

Provide the following information
IP address: The IP of NetFlow Collector
Port: The port in which Collector is listening
Switch IP address: We need to use a management IP for this dvSwitch

Analyzing the Traffic

Wait for the sensor to collect data from the Distributed Switch. So after 15-30 minutes, Click on the sensor in the Netflow collector.

You can see detailed information on the VMware Environment.

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