Horizon View 7.0 – Part 10 – Create Master Template
April 10, 2017
Horizon View 7.0 – Part 12 – Installation of View Composer
April 10, 2017

Horizon View 7.0 – Part 11 – Desktop Pools

Previously we published application and now we are going to publish the desktops.

Login to the Horizon Administrative console and select Desktop Pools. Click Add.

Select Automated Desktop Pool and click Next.

In the user assignment wizard, select Dedicated.

Dedicated – A particular machine will be assigned to that particular user. That machine will be dedicated to that user.

Floating – When the user disconnects from the desktop, next time he ll be connected to another random desktop.

VM creating is of two types. Namely, Full virtual machine and Linked clone. Linked clones are used in conserving the storage space. That feature will be available after installing the View Composer.

Give an ID for the desktop pool.

Select the required options and click Next.

Give the naming pattern for the virtual machines and specify the number of Desktops to provision.

This option will be available only if you use VSAN. VSAN can be used for the storage optimization.

Mention the required details like the master template and the host.

After the selection, click Next.

If you wish to use storage accelerator use this option or click Next.

OS customization can be mentioned here.

Verify all the settings and click Finish. Make sure to enable the Entitle users after this wizard finishes.

Add the users.

Desktops will start provisioning.

In the background process you could see the template being cloned.

Wait for the desktop to be available.

Now you could access the desktop from the Horizon Client.

Now that desktop will be assigned to that user as we had selected Dedicated.

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