Horizon View 7.0 – Part 7 – Configure Events Database
April 10, 2017
Horizon View 7.0 – Part 9 – Horizon View Client
April 10, 2017

Horizon View 7.0 – Part 8 – RDS Farm

In this post we’ll be discussing about publishing RDS Host and Applications in Horizon. To do that, you need the Remote Desktop Services installed.

Download View Agent from VMware.

Before initiating the install, make sure that the user has administrative privileges.

In the Welcome Screen, click Next.

Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

In the Network protocol configuration wizard, select IPv4 and click Next.

Specify the required components/features and mention the destination of install and click Next.

Mention the FQDN/IP of the Connection Server to register.

Click Install.

Once the installation is done, click Finish.

The wizard will prompt for an OS reboot. It is recommended to perform the reboot.

Login to the Horizon Administrative Console and goto Resources -> Farms -> Add.

Select Manual Farm and click Next.

Give an ID to the Farm and also enable the checkbox Enable HTML Access to desktops and applications on this farm if you wish to used HTML based Horizon Client.

Select the RDS Host which was configured earlier.

Verify all the settings and click Finish.

The RDS Host will be populated.

Publishing Applications

Goto Catalog -> Application Pools and click the Add button.

Select the applications which are available in the RDS Hosts that need to be published.

To give permission to the users, select the Entitle users after this wizard finishes option.

In the add entitlement wizard, click Add.

Specify the users.

Click OK.

Done!. Now you have successfully published the desktop and applications.

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