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March 24, 2018
VMware NSX 6.x – Part 2 – Deployment of NSX Manager
April 1, 2018

VMware NSX 6.x – Part 1 – Overview

In VMware’s vision of Software Defined Data Center, VMware NSX plays the role of virtualizing the networking components. Thus enabling creating multi-tier and complex networking programmatically in seconds.

NSX Functionalities

  • Logical Switching
  • Logical Routing
  • Logical Firewall
  • Logical Load Balancer
  • Logical Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • VMware NSX API

NSX components

NSX Manager: It is the centralized management plane. Upon deployment of NSX Manager, it installs some VIBs (VXLAN, Distributed Routing, Distributed Firewall and user world agent) on the host when host preparation is initiated. It also injects a plugin into the WebClient which enables administration of NSX from WebClient.

NSX Controller: It is a VM deployed by NSX Manager which acts as the Control Plane

NSX Editions

NSX is delivered with 4 editions. Click HERE to know about the feature comparison between the editions.

  • Standard Edition
  • Advanced Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Remote Branch Office Edition


Official Website:





Product Datasheet




NSX YouTube Page

NSX Training

NSX Cetification

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VMware NSX 6.x – Part 2 – Deployment of NSX Manager

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