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December 1, 2017
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VMware VDP 6.x – Part 1 – Install and Configure

vSphere Data Protection is a backup and recovery solution designed for vSphere environments. Here we would be discussing about deploying VMware VDP and how to backup a VM and restore it back. Finally we would be discussing about the procedure to uninstall the VDP Application. Let’s get started!

You can know more about VDP and its features in VMware VDP Product Page.

Deploying VDP

Download VMware VDP from VMware Product Page.

In WebClient, right-click the Cluster/Resource Pool and select Deploy OVF Template.

Select the Downloaded OVA file and click Next.

Review the details and click Next.

Accept the License and click Next.

Give a name to the VM and click Next.

Select the datastore and the virtual disk format.

Select the Port Group and click Next.

Input the Management IP Details for the template.

Select Power On After Deployment and click Finish.

Wait for VDP to Power ON and finish the boot process.

Open your browser and goto https://<IP/FQDN of VDP Appliance>/vdp-configure

Username: root
Password: changeme

In the Welcome Screen, click Next.

Change the Network Settings if required and click Next.

Select the Time Zone and click Next.

Type-in the new password for the appliance.

Input the SSO Credentials for VDP Plugin Registration.

Create a storage as a destination to store the backups.

Select the destination of the Storage Disks.

Make changes on the CPU/Memory if required.

Click Next.

In the Ready to Complete screen, click Next.

Click Yes to confirm.

Wait for the configuration to complete.

Once the configuration is done, it would require an reboot.

Wait for the reboot to complete.

Once the reboot is done, you can login to the Dashboard.

Login again to the vSphere WebClient.

You would see the VMware VDP icon.

VMware VDP is installed.

Official Website:


VMware vSphere Data Protection Overview




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Note: VMware is announcing the end of availability of VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) in future versions of vSphere. VMware vSphere 6.5 is the last release which includes the VDP product. All existing vSphere Data Protection installations with active Support and Subscription (SnS) will continue to be supported until their End of General Support (EOGS) date. See KB article and FAQs for more information.

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