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April 1, 2018
Mastering vSphere 6.5 – vCenter Logs
April 8, 2018

Mastering vSphere 6.5 – ESXi Logs

Here is the post which I thought of writing for my friends who are new to VMware and wanted to understand the ESXi logs. In this post, I have shared all the ESXi logs and their respective services. The below list is the log structure of ESXi 6.5.

The logs are located at /var/log/ .To know more about ESXi Log location, click HERE.

Xorg.logLogs produced by the Xorg service. The Xorg service handles the VMware virtual graphics
auth.logESXi Shell authentication logs. Logs the user, IP and the authentication status.
boot.gzContains boot log information
dhclient.log DHCP client service logs. Holds DHCP discovery, address lease requests and renewals.
esxupdate.logESXi update, upgrade and installation logs.
fdm.logvCenter Server 5.x and 6.0 uses Fault Domain Manager (FDM) agents for High Availability (HA). It holds logs of Host failures and Election process
hbrca.logUDM Cascading Agent for ESXi
hostd-probe.logChecks the Host management service responsiveness
hostd.logHost management service logs which includes the virtual machine and the host events and also the events regarding the host and vCenter communication.
hostdCgiServer.logA standalone CGI service that handles all HTTP requests for URL /cgi-bin. it was moved out of hostd process and into its own daemon so that we have a way to collect vm-support bundle if hostd is dead-locked.
hostprofiletrace.logHost profile logs
lacp.logLink Aggregation Control Protocol logs
nfcd.logTCP/IP stack logs
rabbitmqproxy.lograbbitmqproxy, A proxy running on the ESXi host that allows applications running inside virtual machines to communicate to the AMQP brokers running in the vCenter network domain.
rhttpproxy.logHTTP connections proxied on behalf of other ESXi host webservices
sdrsinjector.logvSphere Storage DRS device injector log
shell.logESXi Shell usage logs, including enable/disable and every command entered.
storagerm.logSIOC Logs
swapobjd.logSwap VVol Object Daemon
sysboot.logSystem Boot logs. Holds ESXi Power-ON, Power-OFF and restart events
syslog.logManagement service initialization, watchdogs, scheduled tasks and DCUI use.
usb.logUSB device arbitration events, such as discovery and pass-through to virtual machines.
vitd.logvSAN iSCSI target Daemon. Holds the events of vSAN iSCSI target service.
vmauthd.logVMware Authorization service Logs
vmkdevmgr.logVMware Device Manager Logs. Holds information about the devices attached to the ESXi host like NIC, HBA
vmkernel.logCore VMkernel logs, including device discovery, storage and networking device and driver events, and virtual machine startup.
vmkeventd.logIt is a utility for capturing VMkernel events
vmkwarning.logA summary of Warning and Alert log messages excerpted from the VMkernel logs.
vmksummary.logA summary of ESXi host startup and shutdown, and an hourly heartbeat with uptime, number of virtual machines running, and service resource consumption.
vobd.logVMkernel Observation events
vprobe.logA flexible dynamic instrumentation system aimed at providing deep observability into the ESXi and VMs running on it.
vpxa.logvCenter Server vpxa agent logs, including communication with vCenter Server and the Host Management hostd agent.
vvold.logVirtual Volumes Log
VSAN Services
vsanmgmt.logvSAN Management Service.
vsansystem.logvSAN System Managed Service.
vsanvpd.logvSAN Storage Provider Daemon
osfsd.logObject Storage File System Daemon is responsible for storing objects on a local file system and providing access to them over the network for vSAN
clomd.logCluster Level Object Manager Daemon is responsible for new object creation, Repairing existing objects, Data moves and evacuations from vSAN

Let me know if I had missed out any logs by dropping an comment in the comment session.

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