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March 3, 2018
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VMware Skyline – First Impression

VMware Skyline is a Proactive Support Technology that continuously collects diagnostic data which includes the configuration and performance data from your VMware environment and checks with the VMware Knowledge Base articles, VMware guidance and data learned from other customer environments to provide you an Proactive Recommendations and Support. Skyline was introduced in VMworld 2017.

By this proactive analysis of the environment, customers would have an visibility on their environment and could stop possible failures.

The product is still in the Beta phase but VMware has already release an video setting an expectation of how the product works.

In the below video, you can see how the Skyline Report looks like.

The question which would arise now is ‘What if Skyline doesn’t have a solution to the issue occurred on my environment?’

No worries about that part. VMware Skyline would also provides the Global Support Services (GSS) team access to information about your environment so that you no need to waste time on Extracting logs, Uploading to the FTP Portal or waiting on the WebEx for the engineer to understand your environment and your configuration. Having the environmental data on their hand, VMware would be able to analyse your environment faster and provide an faster resolution.

Note: Skyline is initially available for Premium Support customers in North America. To sign up for the VMware Skyline Managed Access, click here.

Official Website:


VMware Community


VMware Skyline Datasheet

VMware Skyline Overview

VMware Skyline FAQ

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