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April 24, 2017
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Install VCSA 6.5 in Workstation

There might be a situation where you need to install vCenter Server Appliance in VMware Workstation. But while installing VCSA 6.5 we all know that the installation process will ask for the ESXi host IP, username and password. Then how to install that in Workstation? This post says on the steps to deploy VCSA in workstation.

Extract the VCSA image file.

You could find the OVA file in vcsa folder.

Open Workstation and click File -> Open.

Select the extracted OVA file.

Specify the location and Click Import.

Accept the license.

Wait for the import.

Once done, VM will show up. But dont Power ON.

Open the VM location and edit the vmx file.

Add the following lines in the vmx file."ipv4""static""""24"""""

Save it and now Power ON the VM.

VCSA will be up and running.

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